Advanced MySQL Basics

About once a year, there's a blog post from one of the current Tech Unicorns about how they had a big data problem and solved it with a slightly non-standard usage of MySQL. This is a really good thing, because… continue reading

How Much Does Consistency Matter?

What's Been Happening Recently Is consistency even important? We know it's contentious. Some people find it extremely important, and we all at least pay lip service to it. But really... how much effort should we put toward making sure we've… continue reading

On the Usefulness (Or Lack Thereof) of Foreign Keys

Preamble I recently spoke with Sebastian Machuca (a Sydney-based engineer) about the concept of having FK constraints in Dev and Staging environments, but disabled in Production. Here is the ensuing dialogue, edited for brevity and for making-me-look-like-a-genius. Our dialogue was… continue reading