Building BigCommerce Apps with AppExtensions

Matt Volk and Georgia Hough take you inside building BigCommerce apps.

Building BigCommerce Apps with AppExtensions

Hi. I'm Matt Volk, a Software Engineer II.

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Hello. I'm Georgia Hough, a Senior Product Designer. Matt is here to demo how a relatively new release called AppExtensions works and how it looks in the BigCommerce control panel. I'll be focusing on our library, BigDesign, which helps you build apps with the BigCommerce look and feel.

Am I missing anything, Matt?

Nope. That pretty much sums up this video chat with our teammate Katie Hoesley, Senior Developer Advocate. Before you watch our discussion, here's a little bit more about the three of us.

Meet the Panel

Katie Hoesley, Senior Developer Advocate

Background: I was an English major at the University of Minnesota who eventually wound up in digital marketing and got the itch to learn to code! I attended Hack Reactor in San Francisco years ago and have been in education/writing/coding hybrid roles ever since. I’ve been on the Developer Relations team at BigCommerce for almost 2 years!

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Fun fact: This is always controversial, but I’ve never seen Star Wars! I’ve promised a lot of people I’ll get to it soon, though!

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Matt Volk, Software Engineer II

Background: I graduated with a degree in Economics from San Diego State University in 2017, then joined a consulting company to work on ecommerce implementations as a project manager for a few years after that. I learned how to code while in college and decided to make the jump from project management to software engineering in 2021. Now I'm at BigCommerce working on some exciting products and tools to enable Headless storefront development!

Fun fact: My wife Danielle also works at BigCommerce!

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Georgia Hough, Senior Product Designer

Background: I found my way into product design while working on a project the last few months of college in Boston. I moved to Austin and joined BigCommerce some months later and have been here for the past two-and-a-half years! I work as part of the developer experience team, improving the experience of building with our platform.

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Watch this Discussion

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Happy building!

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