What BigCommerce Has Been Doing with AI

Let's explore some demos, deep dive into the code, and much more.

What BigCommerce Has Been Doing with AI

In June, we shared our winning Hackathon project that combined three AI tools into one package.

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The work didn't stop there.

Since then (and before that time), we've been developing some really amazing features that help elevate BigCommerce's merchant experiences, and we're looking forward to releasing this application in the near future.

In this chat with Heather Barr, Developer Community Program Manager, we'll show you some demos, deep dive into the code, and explore some architectural diagrams and data flows.

Meet the Team

Heather Barr, Developer Community Program Manager

Background: I've been on the Developer Relations team at BigCommerce since 2020, focusing on our Developer Community. Since 2018, I've been part of the tech space with experiences ranging from software engineering to sales and support. I work alongside the Developer Advocates here at BigCommerce and am always looking to connect with developers who build on our platform.

Fun fact: I live in a van down by the river! Just kidding! But I do travel the US and camp in my self-converted camper van a few times a year. 🚐

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Mahendra Kumar, VP of Data and Software Engineering

Background: I've been at BigCommerce for six years. My primary area focuses are data engineering, machine learning, and search technology. My hobbies include hiking and playing tennis. I also enjoy volunteering for community projects.

Fun fact: In my twenties, I was able to speak seven languages. Although, now I am proficient in three languages only.

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Krishna Teja Are, Senior Data Engineer

Background: I have six years of a software background and have been at BigCommerce for the past two years. I am a driven individual who is passionate about my work.

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Eugene Kuzmenko, Software Engineer Team Lead

Background: I have been at BigCommerce for almost four years. This company has an amazing culture, and I like working on the Data Team because we do really good stuff. I've been in software development for almost ten years and enjoy winter sports like snowboarding.

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Fun fact: I don't like blue jeans, and I don't have them in my closet.

Watch the Panel

We're excited to give you a peek behind the curtain with this technical session. Like Mahendra says in this video, "Fasten your seatbelts!"

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