Bringing Scala on Board

Bringing a new language into an organization can present some pretty interesting challenges. These problems are multiplied by Scala which is not only unfamiliar, but encompasses the entirely different programming model in the form of functional programming.

There are many different ways to approach bringing people up to speed on Scala, but at Bigcommerce we were looking for something a bit different. We wanted people to not only learn Scala, but learn it in a way that would allow them to quickly turn around and start using their Scala skills to provide value to the company.

This means that instead of focusing on a lot of theoretical functional principles we take a more practical and incremental approach to learning and doing as a team. This method allowed us to ramp up multiple people who were able to begin quickly pushing consistent, working code.

Recently, I gave a talk about this exact topic at the Austin Scala Enthusiasts Meetup. Learn exactly how we do it by watching the recording below:

If you're interested in seeing some of these methods first hand, we're currently hiring Scala developers for our Downtown Austin office! Apply online at