A Panel Discussion on Multi-Storefront

In this panel, we chatted about how Multi-Storefront transforms enterprise businesses and answered live questions from our engaging audience.

A Panel Discussion on Multi-Storefront
Multi-Storefront for Your eCommerce Panel Discussion

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Recently, I was delighted to be part of a livestream discussion about one of BigCommerce's latest releases, Multi-Storefront. If you're not sure what Multi-Storefront means, my teammate and Sr. Product Marketing Manager Halie Adams explains it best:

"With every store, there is typically one storefront....We [BigCommerce] had so many merchants that came to us and said, 'Well, I manage multiple websites because I have different brands or sell into different countries. I need to be able to have multiple, unique storefronts.'

That's why we introduced multi-storefront. Think of one backend admin that you manage all your orders, your products, [and] your customers in one place. Then you can create unique storefronts with unique shopping experiences that can have their own domain names, themes, products, etc. You can have them for your different brands but manage them all in one place."

During this panel, we chatted about how this tool can transform enterprise businesses and answered live questions from our engaging audience.

Meet The Panel

Halie Adams, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at BigCommerce

Halie led the go-to market strategy for Multi-Storefront and has been a digital nomad for the past year, traveling coast to coast with her poodle.

Kristina Potoska, Product Manager at BigCommerce

Kristina has launched SaaS products for eCommerce businesses for store management, email, and digital marketing. She was also heavily involved with managing this project and consumed quite a bit of Georgian food during the course of this adventure.

Shane Barker, Digital Marketing Consultant at SLB Consulting

Shane is a digital, brand and influencer consultant, UCLA Instructor, author, and a podcaster. His podcast was named one of the "Top 20 Best Marketing Podcasts" by Marketing LogIQ and "Top 30 Best Marketing Podcasts You Should Listen To" by 99signals. He was also named one of the "Top 20 eCommerce Disruptors for 2021" by Engati and has been considered one of the "100 Most Influential People in the Influencer Marketing Space" by Influence Directory.

Stuart Brazell, Television Host/Entertainment Reporter/Blogger

Stuart’s expertise branches into many areas including the fashion, beauty, healthy living, and food industries. She has worked at countless A-List events and has reported for Insider, KTLA, E!, CBS, and other media outlets.

Anthony Leach, Sr. Director of Engineering at BigCommerce

I recently celebrated my eighth year at BigCommerce and am responsible for the storefront experience as well as performance. My hobbies include playing video games and distance running.

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