AI Considerations & Lessons We've Learned

We're back to discuss a topic that remains at the forefront for so much of the dev community: AI.

AI Considerations & Lessons We've Learned

The three of us are back to discuss a topic that remains at the forefront for so much of the dev community: AI.

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It has been a minute (or two) since we each won awards for our internal Hackathon projects at BigCommerce, and this time has allowed us to process what worked, and just as important, what didn't work.

Join Katie Hoesley, Senior Developer Advocate, and the three of us as we chat about how to create the most impactful projects with AI.

Meet the Panel

Katie Hoesley, Senior Developer Advocate

Background: I was an English major at the University of Minnesota who eventually wound up in digital marketing and got the itch to learn to code! I attended Hack Reactor in San Francisco years ago and have been in education/writing/coding hybrid roles ever since. I’ve been on the Developer Relations team at BigCommerce for almost 2 years!

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Fun fact: This is always controversial, but I’ve never seen Star Wars! I’ve promised a lot of people I’ll get to it soon, though!

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Luke Eller, Staff Software Engineer

Background: I studied Computer Science at Macquarie University and have spent most of my tech career at BigCommerce. However, before this time, I worked in banking and media as a software developer.

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Fun fact: I like sports and play football on the weekends, and I also like to cook.

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Mitch Lombardi, Software Engineer II

Background: I grew up in New England and graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2018. I moved to Austin, Texas when I joined BigCommerce in 2022.

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Fun fact: I love finding and learning new hobbies. My current hobby is building custom mechanical keyboards.

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Tommy Ekstrand, Software Engineering Manager

Background: I joined BigCommerce in 2012 in Customer Support and now manage our Control Panel Experience Engineering Team.

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Fun fact: The difference between a hippo and a zippo is that one is really heavy and the other is a little lighter.

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Watch the Discussion

If you are planning to participate in a Hackathon, or if you're working on an AI project, we hope these considerations will help.

Got questions for us? We're happy to answer them. Simply reach out with the links above.

Happy watching!

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