How Much Does Consistency Matter?

What's Been Happening Recently Is consistency even important? We know it's contentious. Some people find it extremely important, and we all at least pay lip service to it. But really... how much effort should we put toward making sure we've… continue reading

AngularJS SF Meetup

Bigcommerce's hosted the February Angular SF Meetup and our Front-End Engineer, Alex Taylor gave the talk: "Unidirectional data flow in Angular 1.x apps" (9.5/10 for that name) So why is managing application state hard? Alex… continue reading

Bringing Scala on Board

Bringing a new language into an organization can present some pretty interesting challenges. These problems are multiplied by Scala which is not only unfamiliar, but encompasses the entirely different programming model in the form of functional programming. There are many… continue reading

When do I stop testing?

Bigcommerce is a highly customer facing product. As many merchants as we support and create on a daily basis, it can be a little nerve-racking to release particularly sensitive functionality such as payments, shipping, tax.. the list is endless. As… continue reading

Girl Geek Dinner @ Bigcommerce

Bigcommerce's San Francisco office had the pleasure to host the Bay Area Girl Geek Dinner event earlier this month. The topic was on "Pathways to Tech", how Bigcommerce girl geeks with diverse backgrounds are now in tech space.… continue reading

Team on a Mission

Reflecting back on the past year, I’m proud of the team that we’ve built at Bigcommerce and what we’ve achieved together. No matter how talented any one individual is, there’s a limit to what can be… continue reading